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Webinar Description:

Search "lawsuit truck accident" on Google, and it will provide 615,000 results, none of them favorable to the motor carrier industry. Instead, most of those websites offer ways for potential plaintiffs to drain your business of its earnings. If your company has been sued, as a majority of in the industry have been, you're well aware that the rules of law in some states are stacked against defendants. ATA advocates that something can and should be done to level the playing field in the courtroom.

For more than a dozen years, the ATA Insurance Task Force, working with ATA's 50 affiliated state trucking associations, has pushed for needed reforms of the civil justice system in states around the country. Although we've had considerable success, much more is still needed. ATA Webinar presenter, Bob Pitcher, ATA Vice President, State Laws, will explain the meaning and the critical importance of issues such as:

  • the elimination of joint and several liability 
  • the removal of the seat-belt gag rule
  • how phantom medical damages can vastly increase the cost of a lawsuit 


About the Presenter: 

Robert C. Pitcher, Vice President, State Laws, American Trucking Associations

Bob Pitcher has worked for the American Trucking Associations for nearly thirty years, involved for the most part in tax policy at both the state and federal levels.  He staffs both the ATA Tax

Policy Committee and has staffed the ATA Insurance Task Force since 2003. Bob is admitted to the bar in Illinois and the District of Columbia, and as corporate counsel in Virginia.

**NOTICE: ATA webinars are strictly educational for our members, and are not press events. The information contained in this webinar is not intended for, nor should it be used in, the production, editing or creation of news or analysis pieces. Participants are also forbidden from using them as background for published materials, white papers or other communications. Therefore, the contents of this webinar are strictly embargoed and off the record. 

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