About the Organization

ATA's members are organized into various policy committees, an Executive Committee and Board of Directors, in addition to its numerous councils, conferences and affiliated groups.


The Affiliates are trucking trade associations having their own direct membership, but with a formal relationship recognizing ATA as the national representative for legislative, regulatory and political matters. The Affiliates include all 50 state trucking associations, plus two national trade associations. The national trade associations pay ATA an affiliation fee. On the other hand, a prerequisite to motor carrier membership in ATA is membership in at least one state trucking association. Find a State association here

Trucking Association Executives Council


The Trucking Association Executives Council (TAEC) is comprised of staff executives of state trucking associations and conferences affiliated with the American Trucking Associations. The purpose of TAEC is to promote the trucking industry; to contribute to the improvement of the associations and organizations established to serve the trucking industry; and to advance the professional stature and capabilities of the managers and executives of such associations.

The full TAEC meets at least twice a year; at the TAEC Annual Summer Meeting and in the fall in conjunction with the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition. Additionally, the TAEC and state trucking associations are divided into four geographical regions that meet separately once or twice a year. Find a list of state associations here

ATA Liaison:
John Lynch, SVP, Federation Relations & Industry Affairs
(703) 838-1954

American Transportation Research Institute

American Transportation Research Institute

The American Transportation Research Institute and its predecessor organization the ATA Foundation have been engaged in critical transportation studies and operational tests since 1954. ATRI, part of the American Trucking Associations Federation, is organized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research trust headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. ATRI's primary mission is to conduct and support research in the field, with an emphasis on the trucking industry's essential role in a safe, efficient and viable transportation system.

Contact ATRI:
American Transportation Research Institute
(770) 432-0628

National Tank Truck Carriers

National Tank Truck Carriers Logo

National Tank Truck Carriers represents the interests of the tank truck industry throughout North America. Since being founded in 1945 in Washington, D.C., NTTC is committed to improving the tank truck industry’s safety through advocacy and education. Ryan Streblow is NTTC’s President & CEO.

Truckload Carriers Association

Truckload Carriers Association logo

A former Conference of ATA, the Truckload Carriers Association is the national trade association whose focus is the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. Jim Ward is the TCA President.

The Federation

ATA is a three-legged federation; consisting of 50 affiliated state trucking associations, industry-related conferences/councils, and the ATA professional staff.

Together, the ATA Federation represents roughly 35,000 member companies before the legislative, regulatory, and judiciary branches of state and federal government.

ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight.

Committees, Conferences & Councils

ATA’s Committees, Conferences, and Councils serve as hubs for like-minded trucking industry professionals, focusing on specific business issues or professional domains. These communities provide a dedicated platform for trucking industry experts to delve into their particular interests, share targeted resources, and foster connections and collaborations with colleagues. Your active participation affords you a unique opportunity to engage in industry affairs and access exclusive professional development opportunities in a way that few can.


Share your voice on important issues and influence the trucking industry by getting involved in our policy committees. ATA Committees are open to all ATA members and provide a variety of opportunities to confront issues, develop solutions, and make meaningful contributions to the future success of the trucking industry. Our members set ATA’s position on key industry issues, and through their direction and involvement at the Committee level, we ensure that ATA makes a difference in Washington, at the state level, and in the courtrooms.


ATA Conferences were formed to advocate on behalf of specific sectors within trucking. In an industry as broad and varied as the goods we haul, our Conferences empower ATA members to focus on the issues unique to their fleets, operations and customers. Think of them as specialized associations within the ATA Federation.

Each Conference provides its members with a platform for policy setting, best-practice sharing and networking opportunities. As a Conference Member, you’ll have access to resources, solutions and advocacy tools to enhance the influence of our industry and increase the performance of your business. Each Conference has a full-time ATA staff member dedicated entirely to addressing the interests of conference members and advancing the industry segments’ policy agenda.


ATA’s Councils provide individuals unique opportunities to identify solutions to challenges faced by trucking. Join an ATA council and have access to industry knowledge, recommended practices and the latest innovations for your profession. The Councils are designed for trucking professionals interested in professional development, contributing to industry best practices, and delivering technical advice to ATA policy committees. Members also receive significant member discounts on Council event registration.

Each Council offers a variety of webinars on pressing topics, a governance structure representing members and focused industry leadership. Membership in our Councils will connect you to the right professionals and provide time saving resources.