Government Freight Conference

Government Freight Conference


The ATA Government Freight Conference (GFC) is the trucking industry advocacy organization that addresses safety, technology and business matters that arise when motor carriers offer their services to federal agencies. The difference between moving freight for a commercial shipper using mutually understood industry best practices and moving freight for a federal agency are numerous and substantial. The GFC mission is continually to narrow the gap between agency habits and industry best practices, and to respond timely to issues that inevitably arise in the dynamic relationships that are unique to this market sector. While the challenges are significant, many carriers value the government shipper sector to diversify their book of business which tends to remain more stable during market down-turns. GFC leaders welcome all newcomers to government freight. We meet at every MC&E, via teleconferences, and also in conjunction with the National Defense Transportation Association when practicable. Information is key and the GFC distributes timely, relevant information to carriers in this sector. To get started, contact:

Member Benefits

  • The GFC is your advocate with government shippers when they impose wasteful and counterproductive requirements;
  • GFC is your trucking industry voice on Capitol Hill and with the agencies shipping freight. It's easier for us to tell your agency customers the hard facts they need to hear than for you because they are your customers;
  • The GFC is part of the ATA lobbying force for the trucking industry. We support solutions through discussions expertly conducted by the National Defense Transportation Association. But when those talks prove unfruitful, doing the right thing moves to the ATA team where we will seek legislative, and sometimes judicial remedies until reasonable outcomes are achieved.
  • In joining GFC, you have a voice in setting policies that affect your operations and productivity;
  • Join your colleagues in the GFC to share vital information to make sure you are complying with agency requirements, and availing your company of every government freight opportunity that makes sense for your company.

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Mike Matousek
Director, Government Freight Conference
American Trucking Associations

Phone: (202) 262-0099