ATA Programs

ATA’s programs accentuate the essentiality of the trucking industry, the impressive safety record of the industry’s professional truck drivers, and our commitment to a cleaner tomorrow.

The trucking industry contributes to every part of the American way of life. Each day, our industry delivers everything from medical supplies to groceries and clothing. Over 80% of all U.S. communities depend solely on the trucking industry. One in 16 Americans work in the trucking industry.

We educate the motoring public with safety outreach programs, promote driving and skills training through national competitions and awards, raise safety awareness though joint programs with the U.S. Department of Transportation and showcase what a great career option trucking is.

We enhance the image of the trucking industry, using ambassadors with millions of accident-free miles and decades of service to reach out to the public, elected officials, business and community leaders and the media to show how integral trucking is to the life of every American. Through a public image campaign, the trucking industry conveys the fact that we deliver life's essentials safely, securely, and on time.