ATA Webinar - How To Make the U.S. Postal Service Your Next Customer

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Webinar Description: 

The ATA Government Freight Conference (GFC) has learned that the USPS will issue approximately 60 freight contracts, averaging $30M each (totaling $1.8B), by the close of 2018. The Service Contract Act (SCA) applies to each contract. While each contract is unique, the USPS contract specialists will explain many features that are generally common to all and take questions at the end of the Webinar. ATA GFC members like government freight contracts because federal agency freight tends to be less affected by market fluctuations. Join this webinar to see if the USPS should be your next new customer.


Join us on February 13th at 2pm to learn:

  • How USPS differs from other shippers;
  • Some contracts require loading and unloading labor at shipping points;
  • What to look for in a Statement of Work issued by USPS;
  • How to study and bid on USPS contracts.



Bridget Rice, is the Manager of the Surface Transportation Category Management Center, (STCMC) and is responsible for nationwide trucking contracts moving bulk mail in long and regional haul, as administered by two contracting offices.  Bridget will offer general remarks about USPS Transportation Contracting.

Keith Harris, is the Manager of the Plant Network Transportation Office who is responsible for managing a team of contract specialists negotiating transportation for long haul freight to some 200+facilities.  Keith will discuss the 2018 needs for supplying transportation services to move mail in the plant network transportation.  

Jewell Powell, is the Manager of the Local Distribution Transportation Office with management oversight for all regional (> than 50 miles) transportation moving bulk mail in intra and inter regional movements.  In addition, Jewell is responsible for the new Dynamic Routing Optimization Initiative (DRO) which changes trucking service from static routes to demand sensitive routing. DRO will require many solicitations for transportation services in 2018 . Jewell will discuss key aspects of the DRO initiative, 2018 transportation needs, and the overall contract activity.

Jetur Conway, the Contracting Officer for the Eastern Local Distribution Area contracts. He is also the Team Leader for the DRO initiative and will discuss the solicitations and general terms for the DRO contracts.  Jetur will discuss the scope of the DRO Initiative as a business opportunity to motor carriers.

David Hershey is a Procurement and Supply Chain Management Specialist with the USPS and has many years in the transportation industry including time on the carrier side and with ATA.

For more information, contact Bill Wanamaker, ATA Government Freight Conference at: bwanamaker@trucking.org

**NOTICE: ATA webinars are strictly educational for our members, and are not press events. The information contained in this webinar is not intended for, nor should it be used in, the production, editing or creation of news or analysis pieces. Participants are also forbidden from using them as background for published materials, white papers or other communications. Therefore, the contents of this webinar are strictly embargoed and off the record.

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