ATA Webinar - The Service Contract Act - Compliance Challenges & Liabilities When Moving Government Freight, Sponsored by U.S. Bank

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Webinar Description:

Compliance with the Service Contract Act (SCA) is extremely challenging for the trucking industry because carriers need to track the time each employee spends assisting in the movement of the freight.  This fact makes specialized employee compensation, along with accounting records, your only defense when audited. If you haul federal freight, you don’t want to miss this webinar.


Join us on January 30th at 2pm to learn:

  • What triggers the SCA compliance;
  • how to comply; and
  • the severe penalties for noncompliance

Moderator: Rich Pianka, Deputy General Counsel, American Trucking Associations



Robert J. Henry, Partner, Scopelitis – Robert has practiced in the transportation industry for over 30 years. His background ranges from transportation contracts to acquisitions (as buyer and seller) and experience including antitrust, securities, and a variety of other areas of legal practice. Robert’s practice focuses on serving the needs of transportation clients, freight forwarders, and brokers in transportation and agency contracts, transportation regulatory matters including hazardous materials transportation and export regulations, insurance, and business transactions. Prior to his joining the firm, he was vice president and associate general counsel of SIRVA, Inc. Before SIRVA, Inc. he was vice president and general counsel for eleven years at Allied Van Lines.  Mr. Henry serves on the ATA Government Freight Conference Board of Directors.

A. Jack Finklea, Partner, Scopelitis – Jack regularly counsels employers on labor matters including compliance with the National Labor Relations Act, reactions to picketing and organizational activity, the defense of unfair labor practice charges, and union avoidance techniques. His practice areas include labor and employment, litigation and appellate, class action defense and complex litigation, as well as independent contractor issues.

For more information, contact Bill Wanamaker, ATA Government Freight Conference at: bwanamaker@trucking.org



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