Tomorrow's Truckers

The Mission

In the midst of our industry undergoing a workforce shortage, we asked this question – is anyone actively telling the next generation about a career as a professional truck driver? Then we asked – how can we get the message to high school students on the benefits of becoming a professional truck driver? By bringing education to high schools around the nation, we are able expose these students early to the opportunities the trucking industry holds.

Program Goal: Our goal is simple – we strive to further highlight to students the numerous benefits to becoming a professional truck driver.

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When you walk through the halls of  a high school, you will see posters for various trade industries like welding, HVAC, mechanics, and various branches of the military. If you go to career days at these same high schools, these groups would have booths set up, ready to recruit those students. At these same establishments, you rarely see anything about trucking. Whether it be a classroom presentation or a career day, the Tomorrow’s Truckers program is a fully designed education and recruitment program equipped with posters, presentation materials, an Instagram border, brochures, and a fully functioning social media campaign.

We know YOU can be the voice of Tomorrow’s Truckers in your community. We need you to be the seed planter in 3-4 high schools each semester. If we get 500 Tomorrow’s Truckers representatives throughout the US talking to 500 students a year, that would be 250,000 students a year that would learn about a career as a professional truck driver.

Join us today in this movement as we all search for Tomorrow’s Truckers.

How Americans Feel About The Trucking Industry Today
- 67% of American drivers have a "high regard" for the industry.
- 74% of American drivers believe the trucking industry plays a "very important" role in the nation's economy. 
- 70% of motorists are "overwhelmingly positive" about the industry's safety record.

Program Accomplishments 
- Over 200 donors. 
- Over 3,500 subscribers and 22,000 social media followers
- 344M advertising impressions. ​​​​​​
- 200+ earned media placements totaling 162M impressions 

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Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs and Senior Advisor to the President and CEO
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