Press Release

Finalists Announced at 85th National Truck Driving Championships

Aug 19, 2022

Indianapolis – Forty-five professional truck drivers have advanced to the finals of the 85th National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships, a nationwide driving competition featuring hundreds of professional truck drivers with millions of accident-free miles.

Of the 408 drivers competing in the Super Bowl of Safety, the following competitors have advanced to drive for the Bendix Grand Championship:


  • Louis Petrovia, XPO Logistics Inc. (Maryland)
  • Wilbert Vano, XPO Logistics Inc. (New Jersey)
  • Brian Walker, TForce Freight (North Carolina)
  • Joseph Hicks, XPO Logistics Inc. (Rhode Island)
  • Chris Poynor, XPO Logistics Inc. (Washington)


  • Miguel Corral, UPS (Illinois)
  • Brandon Hardy, XPO Logistics Inc. (Nevada)
  • Martin McMahon, RIST Transport (New York)
  • David Rohman, FedEx Express (North Carolina)
  • Daniel Shamrell, FedEx Freight (Oregon)


  • Alphonso Lewis, Yellow (Alabama)
  • Robert Benton, Walmart Transportation LLC (Delaware)
  • David Guinn, Publix Super Markets Inc. (Florida)
  • Timothy Banasiak, UPS (Illinois)
  • Daniel Bruch, FedEx Freight (New Mexico)


  • Eric Ramsdell, Walmart Transportation LLC (Arizona)
  • Eric Flick, UPS (Nevada)
  • Raymond Waage, FedEx Freight (New York)
  • Scott Johnson, Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. (Utah)
  • Kenneth Rageth, FedEx Freight (Wyoming)

Sleeper Berth:

  • Roland Bolduc, FedEx Express (Connecticut)
  • Charles White, Walmart Transportation (Indiana)
  • Eric Courville, FedEx Freight (Louisiana)
  • John Putney, Greater Omaha Express LLC (Nebraska)
  • Antoine Sadler, Walmart Transportation LLC (North Carolina

Straight Truck:

  • Jesse Benkert, FedEx Ground (Kentucky)
  • Ty Possehn, FedEx Freight (Michigan)
  • Christopher Shaw, FedEx Express (New Mexico)
  • Michael Bills, FedEx Express (North Carolina)
  • Charles Randolph, PITT OHIO (West Virginia)

Tank Truck:

  • Ina Daly, XPO Logistics Inc. (Arizona)
  • Michael Flippin, FedEx Freight (Colorado)
  • Dennis Shirar, Walmart Transportation LLC (Indiana)
  • Allen McNeely, ABF Freight System Inc. (North Carolina)
  • Heladio Fernandez, FedEx Freight (Oregon)


  • Leslie Smyth, FedEx Freight (Florida)
  • Damien Hebert, XPO Logistics Inc. (Louisiana)
  • Mark McLean, FedEx Freight (New York)
  • Michael Whitehead, FedEx Freight (South Dakota)
  • Jeffrey Langenhahn, XPO Logistics Inc. (Wisconsin)

Step Van:

  • Jerome De La Cruz, FedEx Express (Alaska)
  • Ceth Christensen, UPS (Illinois)
  • Peter Dreisbach, UPS (Kentucky)
  • Gregory Long, FedEx Express (Maryland)
  • Marlon Sandoval, FedEx Ground (New Mexico)


The National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships take place through August 19. Follow the action through ATA’s social channels and via