Government Freight


ATA members move roughly 69 percent of all federal agency freight, enabling the United States Government to achieve its mission objectives.

ATA's Position

ATA works on behalf of its members to support the competitiveness of government freight markets, to ensure that agencies implement and operate lean contracting processes, and that they recognize the importance of operational safety and productivity for motor carriers in transporting government freight. 

Transportation of Civilian Govt. Freight

​Establish and support motor carriers with information for contracts, policies, procurement methodologies, and audits for freight transportation services to civilian government agencies such as the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Transportation of Military Freight

​Provide information and support for military freight transportation services. These include specific defense transportation regulations, procurement methodologies or contracts, and other transportation matters under DOD purview for general commodities as well as Transportation Protective Services (TPS).​

Information on Govt. Traffic Meetings and Events

​Information is provided to members about meetings related to government freight transportation for both civilian and military operations. Numerous forums throughout the year provide valuable information for opportunities to provide transportation services to government agencies.​