Use A Driver Per Diem Program To Unlock Fleet Savings Amid Economic Uncertainty

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Use A Driver Per Diem Program To Unlock Fleet Savings Amid Economic Uncertainty

Webinar Description: 

The webinar will discuss how carriers can use the current driver per diem rules to save money for their company and increase driver satisfaction which in turn, increases driver retention. 

Discussion Topics Include: 

  • Managing per diem in accordance with IRS regulations

  • Reduce expenses and exposure to IRS audit for not properly complying with IRS rules 

  • Increase driver satisfaction and driver retention percentages

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About the Presenter: 

Mark Sullivan, Tax Counsel, Per Diem Plus

Mark is tax counsel for Per Diem Plus. With nearly two decades of experience advising trucking companies on per diem issues, Mark was responsible for defining the Per Diem Plus software logic rules that automatically calculates trucker per diem in accordance with IRS regulations. He also previously served as the consulting per diem tax expert for Omnitracs.
Prior to his time at Per Diem Plus, Mark worked in private practice as an Enrolled Agent at D R Sullivan & Company, CPA PC, where he served as Director of the Tax Controversy Group for 25 years. In that role, he specialized in federal tax controversy representation and consulting. In addition, he served as the consulting and expert witness for the Federal Defenders Office in financial crimes cases in multiple federal district courts.
Mark also has extensive experience in the federal government as a Revenue Officer with the New York, NY, St. Louis, MO and Washington, D.C. offices of Internal Revenue Service. 

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