Tort Reform 101 – What Is Tort Reform and What Are the Issues Most Critical to Trucking?

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Webinar Description:

Over the past several years the trucking industry has seen our system of justice abused with truck accident litigation being turned into a profit-making business rather than a fair system for holding responsible parties accountable. If your company has been in a lawsuit, you are well aware that the rules of law in some states are stacked against defendants.

For more than a dozen years, ATA, through its Insurance Task Force and working with its fifty affiliated state trucking associations, has pushed for needed reforms of the civil justice system in states around the country. We have had much success, but more must be done. This webinar will explain the civil justice issues critical to trucking, such as the elimination of joint and several liability; the removal of seat-belt gag rules; the differences between punitive, compensatory, economic, and non-economic damages; and what phantom damages are and how they can vastly increase the cost of a lawsuit.

About the Presenters:

David Bauer, ATA Vice President, State and Tax Policy

David Bauer is Vice President for State & Tax Policy for the American Trucking Associations.  In this role, David represents the trucking industry on tax policy to statehouses and the federal government.  Additionally, David works with ATA’s state executives around the country to promote the trucking industry in their respective statehouses.  Prior to coming to ATA, David was the Senior Manager of Government Affairs for Hyundai Motor Company.  David is a graduate of Washington College and the University of Baltimore School of Law. 

Jennifer Hall, ATA General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs

Jennifer Hall is the general counsel and executive vice president for legal affairs for the American Trucking Associations, the nation’s leading organization representing the interests of the trucking industry. As general counsel, Hall is responsible for ATA’s legal affairs, including the ATA Litigation Center. Prior to coming to ATA, Hall spent a decade as a professional staff member at the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, most recently as general counsel and deputy staff director. Hall has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School.

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