Thought Leadership Webinar: Digitizing Safety in Trucking, Sponsored by Cameramatics

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Webinar Description:

Join Frank Cassidy, Vice President of Customer Experience with CameraMatics to explore how you can meet the challenges with digitization and technology. Learn how to choose the right system for your operation, where to start when implementing a digital safety program and uncover the hidden benefits of well implemented program.

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About the Presenters:

Frank Cassidy, Vice President of Customer Experience, CameraMatics

With 9 years of experience in the video safety industry, Frank has worked with diverse fleets ranging from service vehicles, to large transit companies (bus and rail) to private trucking. His role has been to help organizations build successful safety programs, while efficiently incorporating systems, tools and data management into the creation of an effective safety strategy. Ultimately, his goal is to understand the unique needs of any fleet, then assist in applying the optimal solution to resolve those challenges.



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CameraMatics is an award-winning fleet and driver risk management SaaS provider and is driving new standards in Vehicle & Driver Safety, globally. Their customers reduce costs, ensure compliance, and improve safety with their industry-leading Fleet Risk Management technology. Founded in Ireland in 2016 by fleet experts Mervyn O’Callaghan & Simon Murray, who have 20+ years successful Fleet Industry experience, CameraMatics is trusted by approximately 1,000 customers in Europe, and is excited to be bringing their technology to the US market

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