Navigating the Service Contract Act: Health, and Welfare Compliance

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Navigating the Service Contract Act: Health, and Welfare Compliance 

Webinar Description:   

This presentation focuses on how moving companies working under the Global Household Goods Contract as SCA subcontractors should have a thoughtful Health & Welfare Fringe Benefit Strategy, which will allow them to be compliant with the Service Contract Act Health and Welfare Administration, become more efficient, and be more competitive in the government contracting arena.  The session will highlight how outsourcing H&W benefit fringe accounting, management and administration to a third-party administrator can allow contractors to focus on their core vision.  A Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) environment forces contractors to find the most efficient way to manage their H&W Benefit programs. 

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About the Presenters:

Chris Porter, President and Chief Marketing Officer, FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc.

As the President and Chief Marketing Officer of FCE Benefits, Chris leads the firm’s sales and marketing efforts.  In this capacity he oversees new product creation, communication with existing clients and new account formation.  His efforts directly support the happiness and well-being of the clients he serves through the entire life cycle of onboarding new clients to maintaining ongoing administration. Chris began his career as a junior sales associate at FCE in 2006.  He increasingly took on more responsibility by expanding his clientele. Chris is an subject matter expert when it comes to assisting Government Contractors with Fringe Benefit Strategies operating under the Service Contract Act (SCA), Davis Bacon Acts (DBA), Prevailing Wage Legislation and Health Care Reform.  He lives in California with his wife and children. Chris earned his BS in Economics from Denison University (2006). 

FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc. is a full service TPA specializing in the design, implementation, and administration of comprehensive H&W Fringe Benefit packages for Government Contractors subject to the Service Contract Act, Davis Bacon Act and Prevailing Wage Legislation.  For over 35 years, FCE’s services include Health and Welfare Fringe compliance, benefit products and solutions that are in compliance with H&W fringe benefits and hour tracking.  FCE works with Contractor’s to customize and tailor hourly driven Full Time and Part Time H&W Benefits that keep Government Contractors in compliance with the SCA, ERISA, and the ACA. FCE’s plans are easy to implement, ensure compliance and increase employee retention.

Eric Mothershead, Partner, Capital Group 

With seventeen years of experience in benefits, compliance, and HR technology Mr. Mothershead brings an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Benefits Management to his role as Partner at The Capital Group (TCG).  His expertise in Government Contracting requirements, including the Service Contract Act and the Davis Bacon Act, is an invaluable asset to his clients. A leader in analyzing healthcare reform developments and frequent speaker on a wide variety of healthcare reform and employee benefits issues. In his day-to-day operations, he utilizes his creativity to implement well-executed strategies for his clients ensuring business goals are achieved.  Mr. Mothershead joined the Capital Group after graduating with honors from McDaniel College, where he received a dual major in Economics and Business Administration. He lives in Bethesda with his wife and children.


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