The Influence Game: Why and When a Trial Appellate Litigator Should Be Hired

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The Influence Game: Why and When a Trial Appellate Litigator Should Be Hired 

Webinar Description: 

Every case handler knows that if your case is going to be appealed, you need to hire an appellate attorney. An appellate proceeding is different than a trial court proceeding, and appellate lawyers have different tool kits from trial lawyers. 

But not everyone knows that your chances of success can be greatly enhanced if you involve an experienced trial appellate attorney early in the case, well before the trial even takes place. Why? Because an effective trial appellate attorney who actively participates in the pre-trial and trial will influence every major litigation player in a way that leads to ultimate victory: your own trial counsel, opposing counsel, the judge, the jury, the court of appeals, and--most importantly--you the client. 

If you have ever wondered (1) if you should hire a trial appellate attorney; (2) when you should hire a trial appellate attorney, or (3) how an effective trial appellate attorney can enhance your chances of success in the trial court and on appeal, this webinar will answer those questions and give you best practice guidance. 


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About the Presenter: 

Bill Mennucci, Partner, Thompson Coe 

Bill Mennucci, a Partner in the Austin, TX office of Thompson Coe, is a seasoned trial appellate lawyer who litigates complex, high-exposure cases on the defense side nationwide. During the last 15 years, Bill has logged over 200 trial days serving as lead trial appellate counsel in over 22 multi-week death and serious personal injury trials. Through his knowledge of procedure, evidence and substantive law, Bill helps his clients succeed at trial, while ensuring that the trial record is best postured in the event of an appeal. 

Bill's 25-plus year career is not limited to appellate work. He has handled numerous cases from "cradle to grave," from initial pleadings through the conclusion of appeal. His insight into how an entire case comes together in the crucible of a trial increases his effectiveness in handling all phases of litigation. 


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