Getting Unstuck: Navigating YOUR Current Challenge, Sponsored by Ruan Transportation Management Systems

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Dynamic Keynote: Getting Unstuck: Navigating YOUR Current Challenge, Sponsored by Ruan Transportation Management Systems

Webinar Description:

Regardless of age or experience, as leaders we know the challenges associated with “climbing the corporate ladder (or lattice),” and we know just how difficult it can be to figure out how and when to make the next step in our careers. And we know that we are rarely successful if we attempt to step out of our comfort zone and take that step alone.

Research shows that, as early/emerging/mid-career/exec leaders, often what we think we face as individual challenges are really a part of a collective experience. Yet there is no vehicle through which we can bravely share best practices, which means that many of us simply don’t know how to… “Get Unstuck.” So, instead of sharing (and leveraging) our collective ideas and best practices with other like-minded leaders who could learn from our many lessons - we soldier on, facing our challenges alone.

Join us as we engage in an inspiring and interactive 60-minute dynamic keynote to learn practical tips on how to own your career and ignite the leaders around you by sharing best practices. 

You will have the opportunity to share a challenge you are facing right now. YOUR responses will design this dynamic group coaching experience. Our keynote wants to understand what YOU are struggling (both personally or professionally – because we are whole people) right now. What has you stuck or feeling like you aren’t living to your potential?

Based on your responses, leadership development coach, Christy Uffelman, MHCS, BCC, will tailor her remarks to provide you with the tools and knowledge she has learned from working with more than 10,000 leaders in the last 10 years. Her goal is to provide you with practical tips, tools, and techniques from the incredible successes (and the “wish-I-could-forget” mistakes made) of leaders across the globe to help you discover what you need to move forward with YOUR challenge, right now – this week – today.

About the Speakers

Christy Uffelman BCC, MHCS

#1 Amazon bestselling Author of THE PEER Revolution, Christy Uffelman, MHCS, BCC challenges the status quo, maximizes across genders and generations, shifts mindsets, honors individuals, and works hard. Christy founded EDGE Leadership in 2013, a boutique leadership development firm that specializes in creating PEER Mentoring and Coaching Circles inside companies (and across industries) to facilitate teambuilding, hi-potential development, and elevating EBRG's to actionable networks.

She is a TEDx speaker, global keynote, and an expert in curating connection and belonging. Christy was one of the inaugural 50 global coaches selected in 2018 by Dr. Brené Brown to bring her work on courage-building to corporations. Named Fierce Woman by Huffington Post, Christy learned her secrets and tricks of the trade by facilitating tens of thousands of leaders in Fortune 500 companies with one hope – to grow people from the inside out.

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