ATA Law Review: Ukraine Invasion and the U.S. Transportation Industry Response

Webinar Description:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine produced an immediately volatile situation, shifting hour-by-hour. Once again, the transportation industry stands at the hub of a global supply chain that is enduring shock. This webinar will offer a big-picture assessment of the unfolding emergency and its wide range of national security, operational, and commercial challenges for carriers and also those shippers that rely upon their vital services.

For example, industry cybersecurity concerns that spiked in recent months are more important today than ever. Carriers and shippers face new, fast-changing compliance obligations due to new economic sanctions and export controls. Available global lanes and modes are rapidly closing due to practical security and compliance concerns. Industry participants are facing dramatically changing operating costs and need to consider whether performance or rates can/should shift in response to this potential force majeure.

Key Takeaways will include:

  • An up-to-date briefing of legal and operational impacts arising from the invasion of Ukraine.
  • Tactical points of consideration for industry response to the challenges facing carriers and their shippers.



Jonathan R. Todd, Partner, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP  

Jonathan is a Partner in Benesch’s Transportation & Logistics Practice. Jonathan practices exclusively in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management space. He represents domestic and international clients in strategic development, transactional, and compliance matters. His work includes counseling leadership on organization development, service offering and new market launch, contracting and paperwork, safety best practices and cross-border operations. He also advises on the regulatory frameworks governing the industry including the areas of supply chain security and international trade compliance. 

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