ATA Law Review - Best Practices for Recruiting and Onboarding Independent Contractors

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Webinar Description:

For those using an independent contractor model, identifying and recruiting new contractors can be a daunting task.  An effective recruiting and onboarding process lays the groundwork for a successful business-to-business relationship and can influence outcomes in legal challenges to your independent contractor model.  In this webinar, you will learn about defensible practices for:

  • Identifying potential carrier partners
  • Developing content for advertisements and your company’s website
  • Preparing your operations team for recruiting efforts
  • Selecting business partners
  • Managing the contractual relationship
  • Creating an arbitration program
  • Dealing with third-party settlement and service providers


About the Presenters:

Fraser A. McAlpine, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.

Fraser A. McAlpine is a Principal of the San Francisco, California, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. He represents employers in complex employment litigation including class actions, collective actions, and representative actions.  Mr. McAlpine defends class actions and representative actions under the Private Attorneys General Act alleging violations of California wage and hour laws and collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act. These cases have involved, for example, allegations that employees were misclassified as independent contractors or misclassified as exempt, failure to pay overtime or minimum wages, that employees worked off-the-clock, that employees were not allowed meal periods and rest breaks required by state law, that California’s paycheck requirements were not observed, and that other provisions of California or federal law were violated.

Adam L. Lounsbury, Of Counsel, Jackson Lewis P.C.

Adam L. Lounsbury is Of Counsel in the Richmond, Virginia, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. He defends employers in class and collective actions against alleged wage and hour violations resulting from misclassification and other workplace-related claims. Over the course of his career, he has represented financial institutions, automobile and consumer product manufacturers, and companies in the transportation, insurance, tech, travel, healthcare, and hospitality industries.  Mr. Lounsbury is an accomplished advocate that has litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the country, including in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

**NOTICE: ATA webinars are strictly educational for our members, and are not press events. The information contained in this webinar is not intended for, nor should it be used in, the production, editing or creation of news or analysis pieces. Participants are also forbidden from using them as background for published materials, white papers or other communications. Therefore, the contents of the webinar are strictly embargoed and off the record.

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