Press Release

myKlovr Named Latest ATA Affinity Provider

Virtual College and Career Counseling Platform to Aid ATA Members and Families

Arlington, Virginia – Today, American Trucking Associations announced it has named myKlovr as the federation’s second Affinity Provider, providing discounts and benefits to ATA members.

“ATA members report that industry recognition and employee resources are essential for attracting and retaining talent – whether it is behind the wheel, in the shop or in the office, and having benefits like college and career counseling can be an important piece of that,” said ATA Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Traver. “In an industry already facing labor shortages, ATA has partnered exclusively with myKlovr to help its more than 30,000 member companies prepare their families for success and promote the trucking industry and its many advantages to high school students. Now more than ever the country relies on truckers who tirelessly deliver food and medical supplies throughout the nation's pandemic.”

myKlovr is a virtual college and career counseling service, helping students and families navigate the admissions process and identify the right school for them.

“Truckers are driving the essential resources for US families during the COVID-19 crisis. While we cannot pay back the collective efforts of American truckers, we can pay it forward by assisting their families with college and career counseling," said myKlovr CEO Gustavo Dolfino. "54 million students around the country cannot access their schools, classrooms, or teachers, while a high school student's academic life is on hold, their future doesn't have to be.”

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Simply and affordably, myKlovr puts a dedicated college and career counselor into every student’s pocket. The myKlovr platform utilizes the power of AI and predictive analytics to help students navigate their own journey to success – learning about student strengths and preferences, offering timely reminders and suggestions, tapping into a wealth of data and resources to help transform a blur of options into a “best-fit” school.