Press Release

ATA Opens Store for 2023 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Jul 06, 2023

Washington – In advance of this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the American Trucking Associations announced today it is opening the official NTDAW Store

“Truck drivers are extraordinarily dedicated, maintain the highest safety standards and are committed to professionalism in everything they do. National Truck Driver Appreciation week is a chance to publicly express how much we value these hardworking men and women who keep our economy on the move,” said Sue Hensley, ATA’s Executive Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs. “Each year, truck drivers travel hundreds of billions of miles to transport life’s essentials and modern conveniences from coast to coast. This year’s theme, ‘Miles of Gratitude,’ underscores the need for our appreciation to match the enormous contributions truck drivers make. NTDAW is a reminder of the respect and recognition that we owe these essential workers year round.”

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, this year celebrated September 10-16, is an annual event that formally recognizes the efforts of the 3.5 million truck drivers who drive our economy forward.  State trucking associations, industry suppliers, law enforcement and motor carriers of all sizes from coast to coast are set to host appreciation events for these professionals who safely deliver 72.2% of the country's total freight tonnage.  

Friends of the industry will have the opportunity to purchase merchandise that showcases their support for the men and women who deliver our nation’s goods. 

The NTDAW Store features an array of products carrying the new 2023 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo designed with professional truck drivers in mind.  Items for sale include t-shirts, baseball caps, banners and more.  The website also includes press and social kits for organizations and individuals to join in the NTDAW celebration.  ATA invites carriers, shippers and the general public to incorporate the logo into signage to thank our nation’s drivers. 

The Allied Committee for the Trucking Industry, ACT1, is the premier sponsor of this year’s NTDAW.