Press Release

ATA Opens Nominations for Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award

Jun 28, 2024

Washington – Today, American Trucking Associations announced it is accepting nominations to recognize the most passionate representatives of the trucking industry’s image with the 2024 Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award.

“The Mike Russell Award showcases the creativity and dedication of individuals and organizations to burnishing the image of trucking and raising positive awareness of the industry,” said American Trucking Associations Chief Operating Officer Sarah Rajtik. “This award recognizes people who go above and beyond to improve the image of trucking, while inspiring others to contribute in the future.”

The Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award, sponsored by Great West Casualty Company, celebrates companies, organizations and individuals who creatively generate awareness of the trucking industry. This award is presented to an individual, motor carrier, trucking organization and industry supplier who demonstrate excellence in creating a positive image for the trucking industry. This is illustrated by a safety-first approach to conducting business and professionalism. 

Last year, ATA recognized Florida Trucking Association, Idaho Trucking Association, Total Transportation of Mississippi, Bob Bramwell and Rob Phillips.

ATA is pleased to announce Great West Casualty Company is continuing their sponsorship of the 2024 Mike Russell Trucking Image Award.
“Great West Casualty Company is proud to support an award as significant as the Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award,” said Great West Casualty Company Senior Vice President Steve Ponder. “Thanks to the influence of past and future award winners, the image of trucking has become increasingly positive each year.” 

The Mike Russell Trucking Image Award is named in honor of Mike Russell, a trucking industry supporter and former ATA Vice President of Public Affairs. 
Submissions for the Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award are assessed by an expert, impartial panel of judges based on creativity, frequency, reach, impact and execution. 
Visit the official nomination page to learn more about the award and how to submit a nomination
Completed nominations must be submitted to the ATA Industry Affairs Department no later than August 6. The winners of the 2024 Mike Russell Trucking Image Award will be announced on October 12-15 during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee.