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ATA Moving and Storage Conference Encouraged by FMCSA’s Rogue Mover Crackdown

Apr 07, 2023
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Washington – Today, the American Trucking Associations’ Moving and Storage Conference said it welcomed efforts by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to address scams in the moving industry.

“As we head into peak moving season, MSC appreciates FMCSA’s ongoing efforts to protect consumers from rogue operators posing as movers,” said MSC Executive Director Ryan Bowley. “By launching Operation Protect Your Move, leveraging funding provided to the agency through the Infrastructure Bill to expand FMCSA’s household goods team, and partnering with DOJ and the states to take action, Administrator Hutchinson is providing important leadership in this critical area of consumer protection.”

Earlier this week, FMCSA announced that through Operation Protect Your Move, the agency would be taking enhanced steps to address rogue movers across the country.

“The agency’s efforts are recognized and welcomed by reputable moving companies across the country and the thousands of hard-working men and women helping American families each day,” Bowley said. “The ATA Moving and Storage Conference – through its ProMover program – helps connect consumers with professional and ethical moving companies, while also advocating for improved policies to combat unlicensed brokers, strengthen consumer education, and more.”

Consumers can find more information about ProMover, and other moving resources at MSC’s website: