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ATA Announces UrbanVolt as First Ever ATA Affinity Program Partner

San Diego, California – Today, American Trucking Associations proudly debuted its latest initiative to provide value to the industry and its members – the ATA Affinity Program – and announced that UrbanVolt would be the association's first Affinity Program Partner.

"It is ATA's job to assist its members with the challenges the industry faces. The ATA Affinity Program will provide its motor carrier members with preferential pricing and access to best-in-class vendors who are members of the allied community," said ATA Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Traver. "Our partners in this program will show value to ATA's members through their products and services, and we're pleased to be joining with UrbanVolt as our first Affinity Program Partner."

ATA members report more and more that sustainability is a key feature for retaining customers and winning new business. Without a sustainability plan, your business will be impacted. With this in mind, the ATA has partnered exclusively with global sustainability experts UrbanVolt to help its more than 30,000 member companies future-proof their business.

"Companies are more attuned to their impact on the environment than ever before, and nowhere is this more evident than across the supply-chain industry. Our ultimate goal is to take ATA members off the electricity grid and help them become energy independent," said UrbanVolt CEO Kevin Maughan. "We have successfully partnered with market leaders and Fortune 500 corporations across many sectors of the economy, and we now look forward to working with the U.S. trucking industry through this innovative ATA Affinity Program."

"We passionately believe that sustainability has to be profitable if we are to enable great change in the world, and we are proud to be working with ATA's members to supercharge the world's transition to a sustainable future," he said.


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UrbanVolt's mission is to transition industrial buildings from net consumers of energy to net producers of energy. The award winning company is turning industrial buildings into virtual power plants, ultimately delivering clean renewable energy for the communities in which they operate.

They help big companies do the right thing both for the environment and for the business.

UrbanVolt's Sustainability as a Service program means they provide and install all the equipment necessary to take warehouses off the electricity grid at no upfront cost to the client. On completion of the project, the client pays a monthly service fee which is significantly less than the cash flow generated from your energy savings.