NAFC Webinar- Regulation ALERT: What Trucking Companies Need to Know About NDAA Telecommunications Equipment Provision

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Webinar Description:

Join ATA’s Government Freight Conference Executive Director Bill Wanamaker for a discussion on the National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) provision on telecommunications equipment and how it affects the trucking industry.  

Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 which included a provision (referred to as “Sec. 889” or “Part B”) that requires all federal contractors in all industries who sell anything to any federal agency to “represent” to the government that such contractors use no “covered” gear.  “Covered” gear means any telecommunications equipment or video surveillance equipment produced by five technology giants in China, including Huawei Technologies Company and ZTE Corporation.  These items are designed to be conducive to hacking by adversarial government, especially the People’s Republic of China (PRC) which has complete control over such industries, and poses a substantial threat to government agency sensitive information, and trade secrets among American industries.

This law is currently in effect and applies to all motor carriers who accept freight from a federal shipper, no matter the method of procurement used. Additionally, many major defense contractors, are requiring their vendors, including freight service providers, to similarly declare they use no “covered” gear. For example, Raytheon Technologies requires all its vendors to be just as Sec. 889 compliant as Raytheon is – including trucks.

Registrants will learn:
  • What types “covered” gear/equipment falls under this regulation common to trucking
  • Why they are restricted
  • How to achieve compliance
  • What steps ATA is taking to help members

About the Presenter:

Bill Wanamaker, Executive Director, Government Freight Conference, American Trucking Associations

Bill’s job is to assist ATA members by enhancing the business climate and productivity between the trucking industry and federal government agencies that pay approximately $10B each year to the trucking industry for freight services. Bill assists ATA members with business development in the government shipper sector, aids in problem resolution between members and agencies, advocates for more productive contract terms and business rules, and produces daily review and distribution of relevant information through 12 email groups to ATA members.  He is the industry-advocacy voice to agencies, articulating matters that may be too sensitive for a carrier to initiate with their government customers.

Before coming to ATA in 2000, Bill headed up Congressional Affairs for the Helicopter Association International whose members own and manage commercial helicopter operations in the United States and Canada.  He worked for two members of Congress, managing their transportation legislation.  Prior to that, Bill served as a Deputy in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Long Beach in behavioral sciences where he completed postgraduate work in English and Journalism.

Harold G. Bailey, Jr., Member of Government Freight Conference, American Trucking Associations 

Mr. Bailey has served as outside counsel to surface and maritime transportation companies on federal regulatory and government contracting matters since 1984. Mr. Bailey’s work focuses on high-impact federal transportation regulations and contracts with government entities, most often the U.S. Department of Defense.  He has a special focus on high-visibility projects subject to federal investigations and enforcement.  Projects have included negotiating emergency response contracts for natural disasters, challenging DoD transportation contract awards, negotiating Operation Iraqi Freedom maritime transportation contracts, biodefense contracts and subcontracts (Ebola and anthrax), and advising on multiple acquisitions of military aviation and electronic warfare manufacturers.

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