NAFC Webinar- Macroeconomic Update with Economist Mark A. Wynne

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NAFC Webinar- Macroeconomic Update with Economist Mark A. Wynne 

Webinar Description:   

Back by popular demand, Economist Mark Wynne, VP, Associate Director of Research and Director or the Globalization Institute for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas will delve into current economic issues affecting the trucking industry such as: 

  • Has the economy found the soft landing the Fed has aimed for to cool off inflation?
  • Interest Rates impact on consumer confidence, labor markets, and various industries. 
  • Determining if tech sector layoffs can be attributed to economic slowdown, COVID, or geopolitical issues. 
  • Lessons learned from COVID on Global and Domestic Supply Chain issues, particularly those related to just-in-time delivery and supply chain disruptions. 
  • The impact of Environmental regulations on global and domestic manufacturing costs

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About the Presenter:

Mark A. Wynne, Vice President, Associate Director of Research and Director of the Globalization Institute, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Since joining the Dallas Fed in 1989, Mark has had a variety of responsibilities, including advising the Bank’s president on national and international economic conditions prior to meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, briefing the Bank’s board of directors and leading the Bank’s international economics group. He has conducted research on the effects of fiscal policy, the drivers of business cycles, inflation measurement, the regional impact of global shocks, the natural rate of interest and the workings of monetary unions, among other topics. His research has appeared in many of the leading peer-reviewed academic journals and Federal Reserve publications. He co-edited the volume The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Global Economy: A Historical Perspective with Michael D. Bordo, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.



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