ATA Webinar - Minimizing the Overall Cost of Risk with the 5C's of Corporate Risk Financing

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Webinar Description:

Risk financing, like other important financial decisions, must support the overall strategic plan.  The 5Cs approach considers risk financing a key business activity that affects and is impacted by the operations of the company.  The appropriate risk financing approach must consider the financial plan, strategic initiatives and operating environment of the business.  Executive, financial and operational input into this systematic approach often leads to better risk financing decisions.

Join Dan Cook, Principal & Practice Leader at TrueNorth, as he shares his experience developing risk financing programs, and how to fund for risk as an important financial activity.


Discussion Topics Include:

  • An introduction to the 5Cs (Control, Cost, Cash Flow, Collateral and Capital)
  • Keys to executive engagement and a seat at the table
  • Suggestions for the use of actuarial, analytical and business intelligence in Risk Financing
  • Insurance market conditions, changing players and facilities
  • A review of programs structures and a shift towards transparency
  • Total Cost of Risk and Value Based decisions

Regardless of the risk funding structure used by the motor carrier, understanding the process, structure and demanding transparency leads to a shift away from being “sold to.”  This webinar will allow you to become more informed and empowered to manage your cost of risk; you won’t want to miss it.


About the Presenter:

Mr. Dan Cook has worked in risk financing for over 25 years, holding positions with insurance carriers, brokers and as CFO prior to joining TrueNorth as Principal & Practice Leader in 2013.  Dan leads the national primary transportation practice, while also leading corporate alternative risk financing strategies.  Dan is a frequent speaker on risk financing strategies and instructor for continuing legal education programs around the country.

TrueNorth’s Transportation Division assists transportation companies and their people with protecting and maximizing assets, resources and opportunities. Our specialists target vital risks, create industry specific solutions, and implement results by leveraging relationships between people.

For more information on TrueNorth Companies, go to https://truenorthcompanies.com/transportation/default.aspx .

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